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Paragon MagicFuse Microwave Kiln
Paragon MagicFuse Microwave Kiln

Price: $110.00
Product Dimensions: 6-7/8” w x 4-¼” h

Made in USA
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Paragon MagicFuse Microwave Kiln

Create beautiful glass fused pendants and earrings with Paragon’s new MagicFuse kiln. This kiln fires inside a microwave oven to glass fusing temperatures. Place the kiln inside a microwave oven and turn on the power. The kiln will reach 1500°F (815°C) in about 5 - 8 minutes. (Firing time depends on the wattage and brand of the microwave oven.) To fire with the kiln, a metal-interior microwave is required with at least an 8-inch height space. Kiln is durable and compact for easy storage.

Firing the MagicFuse requires skill. Because the kiln fires so rapidly, glass pieces should be limited in size to 2 layers of 1 ½” x 1 ½” or smaller. Larger sizes or additional layers of glass must be pre-heated for 5 minutes at a 50% power setting on the microwave. Otherwise the glass will break.

The glass must be free of glue, grease, and fingerprints. The rapid firing of these contaminants can cause the glass to break.

Firing times may vary even within the same microwave oven. For this reason, check the glass a minute or two before it is done. Then add more time and, if necessary, check it again.

Remove the kiln when the glass has fused just the way you had envisioned. Within an hour after you begin fusing, the glass will be cool to the touch.

MagicFuse Specifications

  • Interior: 5” wide x 1-½” high
  • Exterior: 6-7/8” wide x 4-¼” high

    Kit Includes:

    Kit includes microwave kiln, six ½” ceramic posts, glass separator, and detailed instructions.

    What is COE and why is it important?

    COE stands for "coefficient of expansion". To put it simply, as glass heats up, it expands and when it cools it contracts. The COE number tells us the rate at which a particular glass expands and contracts. If you try to fuse glass with mismatched COE numbers, the glass will crack as it cools. So, it's critical to the success of your projects that you use the same COE number for all the glass you are fusing in a project. But don't worry; we've made it easy on you! All of our glass products are 90 COE so they combine safely.