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Paragon Digital and Manual Kilns

Paragon Digital & Manual Kilns are great for professional and hobby jewelers creating their own custom jewelry. Choose from a wide variety of models such as Paragon SC1 ModelsParagon SC3 Models, Paragon Caldera Models, Paragon Home Artist Models, and Paragon Digital Firefly Models. These Kilns are all very easy to operate, and you'll appreciate the flexibility that it offers you as you learn all new and amazing things you can do with your kiln.
Cool Tools offers the Paragon SC1 Kiln Models for your metal clay and jewelry making needs. The Paragon SC1 series kilns are made specifically with a studio jeweler in mind. This kiln is small and portable yet powerful and versatile. Fire metal clay, fuse dichroic glass, enamel silver and copper, co-fire gemstones and much more. The Paragon SC1 Kiln offers quality construction and is available at affordable prices for your next metal clay jewelry making project right here at Cool Tools.
Start firing your metal clay jewelry pieces with one of our quality Paragon SC2 Kiln Models right here from Cool Tools. We offer a variety of Paragon SC2 Models to choose from to fit your unique jewelry making needs. Choose from our standard Paragon SC2, the Paragon SC2 with Bead Door, the Paragon SC2 with Bead Door & Viewport, or the Paragon SC2 with Viewport. Find Replacement Muffles for the 120 volt Paragon SC2 to keep your kiln operating correctly. Cool Tools provides the powerful and durable Paragon SC2 Models to fit your jewelry making needs.
Cool Tools carries several Paragon SC3 Kiln Models that are great for firing metal clay, fusing glass, enameling, firing gemstones and more. Paragon Digital SC3 Models come in a variety of styles including the SC3 with Bead Door, the SC3 with Bead Door and Viewport, the Standard SC3, the SC3 with Viewport and more. Get replacement parts for your Paragon Kiln like Muffles. Paragon Kilns are perfect of the studio and are great for becoming a successful jewelry artist. Find it all right here at Cool Tools.
The Paragon Xpress E9A Kiln features a double-wall steel case with a brick firebox to keep it cool even when firing and is a great adition to your metal clay jewelry making studio! Cool Tools offers a variety of Paragon Xpress E9A Kiln Models options to choose from. Get the Digital Xpress E9A or choose the Digital Xpress E9A Kiln with Viewing Window to fit your unique jewelry making needs. The Xpress E9A features the Sentury Xpress 4.0 controller by Orton with 5 speed settings and 4 programmable settings. This model can fit almost any jewelry piece and offers a large interior. Cool Tools offers all the solutions to your firing needs.
Cool Tools carries a variety of Paragon Xpress E12A Kiln Models that get the job done fast and easy. The Xpress E12A Kiln fires at 2000F and comes with the Sentury Xpress digital controller mounted at the kiln base. Choose from the standard Paragon Xpress E12A Digital Kiln or the Paragon Xpress E12A Digital Kiln with Viewing Window. Find all the Kilns you need to fire your metal clay jewelry right here from Cool Tools.
The Paragon Caldera is a digitally controlled brick kiln designed for glass fusing, bead annealing, glaze testing and more. Cool Tools offers several  Paragon Caldera Kiln Models that are great when working with glass. Choose from the Caldera Digital Basic Kiln, Caldera Digital with Bead Collar, Caldera Digital with Bead Collar and Window, and the Caldera Digital with Window. Cool Tools offers the Caldera Bead Collar and the Window Lid separate for more options. Find them all right here at Cool Tools.
Cool Tools offers the Paragon Home Artist Kiln Models which work great for a multi-purpose jewelry makers. This ceramic fiber kiln is portable and versatile. Choose from our different models including the Paragon Home Artist, Home Artist with optional Furniture Kit, the Home Artist with optional Safety Lid Switch and more. Fire your metal clay jewelry projects with help from the Paragon Home Artist Kiln and Cool Tools.
Paragon's newest kilns are the portable Paragon Firefly Digital Kiln Models available right here at Cool Tools. The Firefly is a great choice for beginners and works great with metal clay. Shop through our selection of Paragon Firefly Digital Models including the Firefly Digital Kiln as well as the Firefly Digital Kiln with Window. Cool Tools has all the kilns you'll need to fire metal clay jewelry.
Cool Tools provides the newest Paragon kilns on the market including the Paragon Firefly Manual Kiln Models. The Firefly Manual Kiln is great for beginners on a budget. The Firefly Manual Kiln is versatile and easy to use and allows you to fire any kind of metal clay to fit any jewelry maker's style. Find all your kilns right here at Cool Tools.