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PMC brand offers great versatility and can be easily shaped and molded to create your very own unique jewelry. This versatile material can be polished, soldered or enamels for custom pieces. With PMC, it's simple to add intricate details and textures thanks to the shrinking that happens once fired. Create pieces of jewelry that would be next to impossible with other jewelry techniques.

Easily fire and heat PMC for a great looking finish! The PMC 3 variety is known for its intricate detail and requires very high temperatures. PMC 3's firing times can be as little as 10 minutes. After firing any type of PMC it can be effortlessly glazed or sanded to tryout unique colors and various textures. PMC offers less work than traditional methods because of the consistency much like modeling clay. PMC is highly preferred to work with because anyone can be a metalsmith. Find all your PMC varieties here at Cool Tools. Choose Precious Metal Clay to create beautiful works of art the easy way.

Art Clay brand is a wonderful choice to use when creating metal clay jewelry. Art Clay is great when less shrinkage is desired. Art Clay is a "Green" product, created using only recycled metals. When you use versatile Art Clay you will find it's very easy to work with. Art Clay Silver is easy to mold and shape much like ordinary clay and is perfect for a variety of jewelry projects.

Art Clay is also easy to use because it can be fired by a butane torch in only two minutes. This is a very inexpensive way to fire metal clay and offers versatility in creating jewelry. The less shrinkage you'll experience with Art Clay is because of the higher concentrate of metal particles in the clay. Once the metal clay has been fired in a kiln or torch fired, you can polish, solder, enamel and work to finalize your jewelry. Art Clay can be formed like sheet silver or wire if desired. Like all types of metal clay, Art Clay required a lot less effort than traditional jewelry making techniques.