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Carnelian Gemstone - Cabochon Oval 18mm x 25mm Pkg/1
Natural Carnelian Gemstone - Cabochon Oval 18x25mm - Pak of 1

Pkg of 1: $5.00
Product Dimensions: 18mm x 25mm

Made in Hong Kong
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Natural Carnelian Gemstone

Carnelian, also referred to as 'cornelian' is an orange-red to red-brown translucent variety of chalcedony.

Carnelian is named for the deep red-orange color of the Kornel cherry.

Carnelian is one of the oldest known gemstones, with written records dating back over 4000 years. It was highly prized and worn by many of the world's noble people throughout ancient times.

Carnelian is believed to have spiritual powers of increasing motivation and self-determination.