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Blue Coral Gemstone - Freeform Pendant 28mm x 52mm Pkg/1
Natural Blue Coral Gemstone - Freeform Pendant 28x52mm


The image you see is the exact stone you will receive!

Pkg of 1: $24.00
Product Dimensions: 28mm x 52mm

Made in USA
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Natural Blue Coral Pendant

Precious Coral is a gemstone quality variety of natural coral, closely related to reef-building 'stony' coral.

Precious coral is a deep water coral that forms in rocky seabeds with low levels of sedimentation, typically in dark environments of over 500 feet deep, including caverns and crevices.

Since the beginning of the 1st millennium, precious coral has been highly prized as a gem believed to be endowed with mysterious, powerful and sacred properties. The Romans hung branches of coral around the necks of their children to protect them from danger. In the early 20th century, the people of Italy used coral for protection from the 'evil eye' and many Italians used it for infertility.