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Natural Azurite Druzy Gemstone - Teardrop Cabochon 14.5mm x 29.5mm
Natural Azurite Druzy Gemstone - Teardrop Cabochon 14.5mm x 29.5mm

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Price: $24.00
Product Dimensions: 14.5mm x 29.5mm

Made in Arizona, USA
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Natural Azurite Druzy Gemstone

This is a rare gemstone. Druzy gemstones are tiny crystals of minerals that formed within or on the surface of another mineral. Azurite is a rare variety of gemstone quality copper ore. Azurite is one of two basic copper carbonate minerals (malachite is the other). Azurite is rarer than malachite and is considered more valuable as well. Azurite is a deep blue copper mineral produced by weathering of copper ore deposits. The blue of azurite is exceptionally deep and clear, and for that reason the mineral has tended to be associated with the deep blue color of low-humidity desert and winter skies.

Azurite stone is said to be effective to help you to activate your third eye chakra, and it also resonates within the crown chakra, to create a better connection with the Divine mind. Azurite helps to relieve stress and will enhance your creative gifts. Its vibration within the third eye may stimulate psychic gifts, including clairvoyance and intuition, and it has a strong effect on the intellectual functions of the brain. It is a strong stone for anyone who is studying, or if you wish to retain information, and it is a good stone to use if you are doing a crystal meditation.