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Molds & Textures

Start creating fabulous jewelry with Molds & Texture for Metal Clay. Check out all the products available for creating in metal clay. We offer non-stick silicone molds, jewelry sized textures and mold materials so you can get started making your own line of original jewelry designs. Use molds as the basis for a new jewelry line that would not be possible in other materials and textures that are designed for jewelry making. Our extensive line of textures and mold materials makes creating original jewelry designs a snap.
Add Texture to your jewelry making projects today with our vast selection here at Cool Tools. Create textured patterns and styles with different types of texture stamps and molds. Select from Lisa Pavelka, Deborah Farber & Irina Miech signature textures. Shop through Flexible Clay Textures, Texture Tips, Vinyl Textures, Wood Design Blocks, Texture Tiles & more. Cool Tools has the textures to start making your metal clay more beautiful!
Create custom jewelry with help from our Antique Molds. All of our Antique Molds are copyright free so you can create your own line of jewelry! Our huge selection has every type of mold you could ever want. These molds can help you design unique and fun metal clay pieces. Shop through these hand crafted molds today.
Cool Tools offers a wide selection of drying tools to help dry your metal clay. Our Drying Forms can help make drying your jewelry pieces simple and accurate. Choose from Copper Drying Forms, Rubber Blocks, Cork Clay, Paper Clay, Cellophane & much more. Drying your metal clay has never been easier with innovative tools from Cool Tools!
Don't be confined by the standard molds! Design your own personalized molds to get a unique pattern for your metal clay project. Customize and create your own line of jewelry designs and molds. Select from our large line of Silcone Compound, Mega Mold, Sculpey Firm, Liquid Sculpey, Polymer Clay & more. Create your own molds using our Mold Making Materials and be on your way to amazing jewelry.