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Medium Enamel Transparent #2020 Clear Flux - 1 oz
Medium Enamel Transparent Clear #2020

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Medium Enamel Transparent #2020 Clear

Medium Temperature, medium expansion enamel for copper, gold, silver, low carbon steel and metal clay. Normal firing temperature range: 1400-1500°F for 3 to 5 minutes. Coefficient of expansion range: 258-360 cubic expansion. Raw enamel powder will change color slightly when fired.
Lead Free / 80 Mesh
It is advisable to pre-test enamel colors on examples of the workpieces you are using to resolve any slight variances that may occur on your specific metals.

Additional information:
2020 clear does not "yellow" on silver. It should always be used when a clear enamel is needed on silver as the first coat. It may also be used on copper and gold. It is also the clear transparent that is suggested to be used as a final cover coat in that it has a lower expansion than most of the other transparent clears.
Note: Firing time adjustments to a shorter or longer time may be required, depending on the accuracy of the pyrometer you are using.

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