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Magic Carbon Fast Firing Media - 5lb Box
Magic Carbon Fast Firing Media - 5lb Box

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Magic Carbon Fast Firing Media - 5lb Box

Not all carbons are the same. Some carbons won't work at all for firing metal clay. Others will give you a handful of good firings before they are spent. Some will work for one kind or brand of clay and not for another. Magic Carbon is pre-tested for all brands of bronze, copper and silver clays and fires any thickness in a 2 hour schedule in most kilns (some kilns will require additional hold time). Magic Carbon also has the advantage of firing at a lower temperature. The faster firing and the lower temperature puts less demand on the heating elements, giving your elements a longer life than other carbons.

Magic Carbon produces an antique patina on bronze and copper clays, which eliminates the need for additional patination. If color is desired, you can remove the kiln patina with a steel brush or 3M Bristle Discs and apply a heat patina by heating the piece gently with a torch.

Magic Carbon will fire all silver clay. This will allow you to fire heat-sensitive stones with no damage or color change. Any stone that is listed on our Gemstones in Metal Clay firing chart as fireable can be safely fired in Magic Carbon. If a gem is listed as "no fire", such as Turquoise or Opal, it cannot be fired in any carbon or kiln. The nature of these types of stones do not allow them to be heated. Only stones that are listed as Low Fire or High Fire will survive kiln heating. Magic Carbon protects the gem from oxygen, preserving it's color. No pre-burnout is needed to fire silver clay. This is a unique feature of Magic Carbon and it does not apply to any other carbon.

Cool Tools Magic Carbon is a special activated carbon firing media for firing bronze, copper and silver clay. Magic Carbon is reliable for all brands of copper, bronze and silver clays.

Click here to download our Magic Carbon Instructions and our Gemstones in Metal Clay article for tips and hints for using Magic Carbon Firing Media.