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Mabé Pearl 14.5mm - 14.9mm - Pink Blush Pkg/1
Mabe Pearl 14.5-14.9mm - Pink Blush

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Our gorgeous mabe pearls are grown on the inside shell of a mollusk. Mabe pearls are created by attaching a plastic nucleus onto the inside of a mollusk's shell. Once the nucleus is covered with a sufficient amount of nacre, the pearl is cut away from the inner shell and the bead is taken out. The open cavity is filled with resin and backed by a mother-of-pearl plate. Mabe pearls are sometimes referred to as blister pearls.

Do not fire.
Pkg of 1: $6.50
Product Dimensions: 14.5mm x 14.9mm

Made in Hong Kong
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Mabé Pearl 14.5mm - 14.9mm - Pink Blush Pkg - 1

pearls are individuals and are not calibrated for size. We give a size range for these gems. Bezel settings are best for these gems

Sometimes a mabe pearls' back plate will come lose. The is not a problem and will not harm the pearl. Simply add a drop of Hypo Tube Cement to the back plate and re-attach.