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About Lorena Angulo

Lorena grew up in Mexico and the time she spent there amongst the beautiful and traditional Mexican Folk Art shows in her amazing body of work that she loves to create. Each of Lorena's intriguing creations seems to hold an untold secret that keeps you guessing its true meaning with each glance. Lorena started taking metalsmithing classes in 2006 at Southwest School of Art in San Antonio; it was there were she was introduced to metal clay by the hand of Claire Holliday. Since that day she felt in love with this new wonderful medium and has been creating most of her work with it. She has become a very active artist in metal clay wearable art. Her work has been featured in several books, magazines, and publications of the Precious Metal Clay Guild, and countless on line articles and industry websites. Some of the publications are: PMC Guild Annual 2, 3 and 4, Metal Clay Artist Magazine, Metal Clay Today, FUSION, The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry 2010 and 2011 Calendars, Metal Clay Beads and The Art of Metal Clay (revised and expanded edition.)

Lorena's Working Methods

Lorena keeps a drawing journal with designs inspired by her heritage and her country. Almost all her pieces start with an idea and then she makes a drawing. When she starts to make the pieces, sometimes they may change a little bit from the original idea, because she follows her heart and makes decisions in the moment. Most of Lorena’s work is hand sculpted and carved. Her only tools to create her work are a carving tool, needle tool and her hands. Lorena teaches occasionally at the Southwest School of Art in the Metals department ( She also travels to teach in other states and sometimes has private classes at her studio.