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About Liz Hall

Liz majored in metals and jewelry at Maryland Institute College of Art in the early 80ís. Her designs back then where not much different than they are today, using lots of mixed materials like Plexiglas and resins combined with fabricated metals. After college Liz took a long hiatus from creating jewelry and concentrated on her horse and graphics business. Yearning to get back to creating jewelry, Liz started fabricating again and saw an ad in a trade magazine for metal clay. She had to try it and was hooked! Since then Liz has been working primarily in metal clay, combining it with other mediums such as polymer clay, resin, stones and glass. Liz has been a Saul Bell finalist twice and is a 2011 Niche awards finalist. She has also had her work featured in many publications including: PMC Guild Annual issues 2,3,4, FUSION and The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry.

Liz's Working Methods

Liz primarily works off the cuff, letting inspiration from other works and the materials guide her way. She is a tool and material junkie and is always game to try something new. Liz uses many fabrication techniques in her metal clay building pieces with sheets, slabs and tubes, but also loves the freedom the clay gives her to get very organic shapes too. Liz makes most of her work for craft shows, galleries and for sale in her online Etsy shop. Liz plans to offer workshops and tutorials in the future.

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