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Larimar Gemstone - Defective Stone - Cabochon Freeform 23mm x 32mm
Larimar Gemstone - Defective Stone - Cabochon Freeform 23mm x32mm

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Discounted Due to Defect - The image you see is the exact stone you will receive!

Pkg of 1: $37.50
Product Dimensions: 23mm x 32mm

Made in Dominican Republic
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Discounted Due to Defect - Natural Larimar Gemstone

Discounted Natural Gemstone Due to Defect - Larimar is a trademarked name for a rare blue, gem-quality variety of the mineral pectolite.This stone did not meet our quality standards. Please see photos for clarification. The defects in this stone are as follows:

* 4 visible cracks at the top

Please contact us for more details of the defects if you have questions or require more specifics.

Blue Larimar is found only in one location in the entire world - the Dominican Republic. Its color can vary from white to light-blue, and from medium sky to volcanic blue.

The history of Larimar is based on many legends and stories. Although Larimar is commercially a relatively new gemstone, Dominican ancestors have long-prized the Caribbean gem. Stories of its first discovery claim that it was found by Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren in 1916 in the Dominican Republic.

When polished, it exhibits an attractive silky luster. Due to its distinct pattern and colors, there are really no other gemstones commonly mistaken for rare blue Larimar.