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Nacre Pearl 8mm Peach Nacre Pearl 8mm Peach
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Lab Gemstones

Our selection of kiln-safe Lab Gemstones are perfect for metal clay jewelry. Browse through all of our top quality Lab Gemstones and select among stones such as Citrine, Golden Topaz, Opal, Ruby Dark, Ruby Light, Sapphire and more. Most of our Lab Created Gemstones are affordable and safe to fire in metal clay of all kinds.

For firing temperature and time on all gemstones, refer to our Gemstone Firing Guide:

Click here to download a PDF version of our firing guide.

What is a laboratory gemstone?

Gemstones created in a laboratory are considered synthetic gems. Different methods of “growing” gemstones can be used. This process uses the same components as natural counterparts. Generating a flawless gemstone for use in your metal clay artwork. It is worth noting, due to conflicting information, that in some cases additional components may be present.

Buying synthetic gemstones holds quite a few advantages. Buying the same gemstones from Cool Tools has great advantages in not only price but in the fact we are a United States Company that falls under the Federal Trade Commission. There are very strict standards we must adhere to in selling and marketing synthetic gemstones. Ensuring you the customer and jewelry artist get exactly what is advertised.


In its natural form Amber is the exception to the rule. A gemstone is composed of minerals; amber is not, being composed of organic materials. Even so this gemstone has worked its way into the hearts of many artists.

Ruby and Sapphire

These gemstones have been considered the most desirable and valuable gemstones in existence. Not a surprise that they are among the first targets of synthesis. Some of the earliest experiments date to the mid 19th century. Conducted by Marc Gaudin in France. Gaudins’ results were flawed however the Synthetic Gemstones you will receive have had 200 plus years of improvements.

The gemstones from cool tools are so good at simulating natural gemstones that it is nearly impossible for the naked eye to tell the difference.

Golden Topaz

Topaz is a fairly inexpensive gemstone in its natural form. Why buy a synthetic version?

Yes topaz is inexpensive it is also lightly colored in its natural form. Our synthetic versions have a rich full color. This advantage can bring out a glowing aspect to your jewelry at a affordable rate. Only the most experienced jewelers will notice the difference.


Also known as the success stone. This brightly colored lag gemstone will bring out the success on your jewelry artwork.

Blue spinel

With a lively blue color this synthetic gemstone will save you money and add beauty to your artwork.


According to stories this gemstone was discovered by a Finnish mineralogist Nils Gustaf Nordenskiold and named in honor of Tsar Alexander II of Russia.

Padparadscha Sapphire

This gemstone has a pink-orang to orang-pink hue. Originally found in Sri Lanka. These sapphires in there natural form are very rare. The name has roots in the work “Padma ranga” a word referring to a lotus flower color.

Nacre Pearls

These lab created pearls are the mother of pearls. With rich colors, it is difficult to tell the difference between natural and artificial. Nacre Pearls cannot be fired in a kiln.


A manmade glass with copper suspended within it, giving the sparkling appearance.

Goldstone has mysterious beginnings. Some legends believe goldstone was discovered through alchemy. Bring some of those mysteries to your artwork with Goldstone.