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Kiln Wash - 1lb
Kiln Wash - 1lb

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Kiln Wash - 1lb

To mix kiln wash, mix 1/4 cup of dry powder with enough water to make a creamy consistency. The exact amount of water does not need to be measured. You want it thick enough that it is not runny.Kiln wash is painted on to hard ceramic kiln shelves to keep glass, enamels, and glazes from sticking to the ceramic kiln shelf. Without kiln wash, anything that sticks to the shelf would need to be ground away, leaving a gouge in the expensive shelf.

Kiln wash adds a protective layer to the ceramic shelf. Anything that sticks to the shelf can be ground off safely without damage to the kiln shelf. After grinding off drips and spills, the ground area is then re-coated with new kiln wash and the kiln shelf is then good as new.

Use a haik brush or any old paint brush (a 2" sash brush is perfect) to apply the slurry to the kiln shelf. Just paint it on a single coat and allow to dry thoroughly. Multiple coats are not necessary.

When something sticks to the kiln wash, it can simply be ground off using a small hand held grinder. Grinding will send chips of material flying, so do this outside and use a mask and safety goggles to protect yourself.

May be used in all kilns through 2400° F

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