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Agate Burnisher Amaco FA5E Enameling Kiln Keum Boo on Silver DVD: Kuem Boo - Volume 1 - Christine Dhein
Agate Burnisher
Price: $16.00
In Stock
DVD: Kuem Boo - Volume 2 - Christine Dhein Gold Foil Sheet for Keum Boo Brass Keum-Boo Covers for the Ultra Lite Kiln Temperature Controller for Ultra Lite Kiln
Gold Foil Sheet for Keum Boo
Price: $77.00
In Stock
Kiln: Ultralite Beehive Kiln

Keum Boo

Discover Keum Boo, the simple and amazing ancient technique of applying gold metal foil to silver and other metals. Keum Boo is a very simple technique to learn and easy to master. If you are interested in adding more value to your work, consider Keum Boo for an easy way of making more beautiful, more valuable jewelry. If you need help getting started, check out our DVDs and book about Keum Boo!