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Kato Polyclay - Silver 2 oz block
Kato Polyclay - Silver 2 oz block

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Product Dimensions: 2oz block
Made in USA
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Kato Polyclay - Silver 2 oz block

very good clay for making custom forms, dies, and models for working with metal clay

The recommended curing temperature for Kato Polyclay is between 275F (135C) and 325F (165C) for 10-30 minutes.

Polymer clay is also a wonderful way to explore designs without risking your precious metal clay. Work out your designs in this clay before executing in metal clay. Bake and use as a mold. Use Polymer clay to add brilliant colors to your jewelry designs.

Kato Polyclay was formulated to embody the most desirable working properties possible. Strength, stability, firmness, and a wide spectrum of colors allow users to create pieces of artistic excellence. Kato Polyclay is a unique line of polymer clay created specifically for artists.

Kato Polyclay is the strongest, most permanent polymer clay. This formula offers ease of use and superior caning properties.