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Kato Polyclay - Beige Flesh 2 oz block
Kato Polyclay - Beige Flesh 2 oz block

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Product Dimensions: 2oz block
Made in USA
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Kato Polyclay - Beige Flesh 2 oz block

The recommended curing temperature for Kato Polyclay is between 275F (135C) and 325F (165C) for 10-30 minutes.

Polymer clay is also a wonderful way to explore designs without risking your precious metal clay. Work out your designs in this clay before executing in metal clay. Bake and use as a mold. Use Polymer clay to add brilliant colors to your jewelry designs.

Kato Polyclay was formulated to embody the most desirable working properties possible. Strength, stability, firmness, and a wide spectrum of colors allow users to create pieces of artistic excellence. Kato Polyclay is a unique line of polymer clay created specifically for artists.

Kato Polyclay is the strongest, most permanent polymer clay. This formula offers ease of use and superior caning properties.