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About Julie Ashton

I began my foray into jewelrymaking after taking a metalsmithing class with Kristin Diener while living in Albuquerque. Her methods and teaching style gave me a boost of much needed confidence. After several years of honing some of the basic skills, I began a quest to incorporate unique patterns and elements/findings into my work. I started etching designs onto metal with the methods I'd read about and quickly became frustrated dealing with chemicals, waste and work required to complete the process. Shortly thereafter I stumbled onto Metal Clay. I feel a freedom using metal clay that I don't think I could ever give up for more traditional metalsmithing methods.

Julie's Working Methods

For the most part my jewelry is very "everyday wear" oriented and so the elements I create with metal clay are geared to be secondary or accent elements to a piece. I adore the freedom of coming up with an idea, creating a shape template, manufacturing a stamp and having a piece out of the kiln and ready to go, a very liberating part of working with metal clay. Last year I obtained my Certification Certificate and was lucky enough to have Tim McCreight as an instructor. For the last few years I have run a fairly successful store on Etsy that helps keep money in the bank to continue working in the medium I like best.

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