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Jett Ballistic™ - 1 lb
Jett Ballistic - 1 lb

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1lb: $54.00
Product Dimensions: 1lb bag

Made in USA
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Jett Ballistic™

Jett Ballistic is a unique, easy-to-use ceramic fixturing compound that is softened in hot water and can then be formed and molded while warm. When cool, it is very hard and durable, and can withstand the blows of of a hammer without chipping, breaking or deforming. This product is forever re-useable... just re-heat in hot water and re-mold for your next project.

Use this product to make custom rigid molds, drying forms, texture plates, and custom clay stamping tools. Also great for custom ergonomic handles and grips for your favorite tools. Make custom forms for hard to hold objects for engraving, drilling holes, stone setting and riveting.

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