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How Metal Clay Works

Metal Clay may appear to work like magic, but it's actually very easy to understand. First you must know what Metal Clay actually is. Metal Clay is a mix of Organic Binder and small particles of powdered Metal. Metal Clay is becoming extremely popular in the jewelry world. Whether you are a beginner or advanced jeweler, you will love the way this Metal Clay works and it's amazing results.

Metal Clay's consistency is very similar to Modeling Clay and can be molded by hand or with tools into various shapes and textures. In this clay like substance you can mold, shape and manipulate Metal Clay into whatever you want it to be. Once you decide your Metal Clay jewelry is ready for firing, simply place in a kiln or torch fire. During the firing process the organic binder is burned away and the remaining metal particles fuse together creating one pure substance of either Silver, bronze, copper or gold. This fascinating product is so useful to making jewelry because it allows jewelry makers to shape and manipulate metal so easily and in ways that were never before possible. After being fired, your finished metal pieces can be patinated, sanded, soldered, and polished. Metal Clay makes it easy to shape Jewelry and add texture. Start creating and imaging all the different creations that you can make now with Metal Clay. The possibilities are endless.