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Gold Clay

Add a little gold to your jewelry creations! Gold is one of the most adored metals and adds great value to any piece of jewelry, even when just a touch is added. Cool Tools offers several different types of gold products, such as Aura 22 which is a 22K gold paint in a 1 gram package, and 22K Gold Clay in 3 gram and 10 gram packages. Other gold products include Gold Paste, which is a 22-Karat gold product that can be painted over fine silver and bonded during firing. Accent Gold for Silver is a pure 24K gold product and offers the richest gold color possible. We also offer 23.5K Gold Foil which is a heavy foil used in the easy to learn Korean art, keum boo for applying gold foil to silver and other metals. You will find that customers value your work more and are willing to pay a higher for pieces that include rich accents in pure gold.