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Glass - Stringers - Mixed
Glass - Stringers - Mixed

These threads of glass pulled from melted compatible sheet glass can be used for lines or patterns in 2D or 3D kiln formed or torch worked projects. Place on or between glass and fuse. Package contains approximately (18) 5-1/2x .6in rods.

COE 90

Price: $5.95
Product Dimensions: 5-3/4" long

Made in China

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Glass - Stringers - Mixed

Tube of glass stringers in mixed colors. Warm, then apply to hot glass surface.What is COE and why is it important?

COE stands for "coefficient of expansion". To put it simply, as glass heats up, it expands and when it cools it contracts. The COE number tells us the rate at which a particular glass expands and contracts. If you try to fuse glass with mismatched COE numbers, the glass will crack as it cools. So, it's critical to the success of your projects that you use the same COE number for all the glass you are fusing in a project. But don't worry; we've made it easy on you! All of our glass products are 90 COE so they combine safely.