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Gilders Paste

Gilders Paste is a coloring medium for metals and other surfaces. Gilders Paste works on metal stampings, castings, steel, copper, aluminum, and any type of clay. This wax-based paste offers unique finishes, dries quickly, and makes your jewelry creations stand out. Choose from over 20 colors.

How To

What you will need:

  1. A work of art, this can be metal, ceramics, resin, wood… the list is very long. Try things out, and please feel free to add results in reviews.
  2. Gilders past, using more than one color can provide an interesting experiment.
  3. Q-tips, brush or soft cloth. It is handy to have all these tools ready.


  • First: Apply paste to application tool.
  • Second: Wait for a few minutes. Using your application tool, apply paste to your artwork. Different techniques can produce different results.
  • Third: Wait for the past to dry.

After this process you can decide what to do next, repeating the process with different color can make unique coloring for you work of art.

A few notes: Applying gilders paste to smooth works will produce little to no results. Paint thinner can be used to revitalize the paste, put in a few drops and stir, repeat until consistency is back to normal.

Please feel free to try things our and inform us of the results! Ether by email or review!