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Gemstones & Beads

We offer a fabulous selection of Gemstones & Glass for all of your jewelry making needs. Find a variety of Gemstones in various colors, cuts, and sizes. All of our Gemstones & Glass will sparkle and shine on any piece of jewelry you create. Choose from Cubic Zirconia, Nature Gemstones, Lab Gemstones and Dichroic Glass to use for your next jewelry project. Many of our Natural Gemstones are photographed separately, giving you the option to choose the perfect, exact stone.

Cubic Zirconia

All of our Cubic Zirconia stones are kiln-safe.

Choose colors:

All of these stones are available in various, cuts and sizes.

Crystal Beads

You'll find a great selection of Crystal Beads, featuring Round and Square Crystal Beads in a variety of colors and sizes. We also carry Swarovski Elements Crystal Beads crafted in Austria made of the highest quality.

Lab Gemstones

We provide a superb selection of kiln-safe Lab Gemstones to create fabulous pieces of jewelry. Take a look through all of our fine Gemstones and choose from Sapphire, Citrine, Golden Topaz, Ruby Dark, Alexandrite, and more! Each Gemstone is available in various colors, cuts and sizes.

Natural Gemstones

We have a variety of Natural Gemstones to choose from, so that you can find just what you are looking for. Choose from various Natural Gemstones such as Alamandine Garnet, Amethyst, Pearls, Peridot and many more. All of our Natural Gemstones are created by nature and are available in several different colors, sizes and cuts. We photograph many of our natural gemstones separately, so you can pick the exact stone for a specific project.

Glass Fusing

Combine beautiful and stunning glass for your jewelry making projects with help from our extensive Glass Fusing section. Glass Fusing is a great way to layer glass to make your own glass beads, pendants, sculptures and others! Choose from Dichroic Glass, Confetti Glass, Glass Cutting Tools, Fuseworks Glass Fusing Kits, Metal Accessories and more.

Dichroic Glass Gemstones

Shop through different types of Dichroic Glass products such as Dichro Mini Gems Colors, Dichroic Glass FusingGlass, SolderingDichro Mini Gems Confetti, and more. All of our Dichroic Glass stones and materials are durable, well made and available at everyday affordable prices.

Glass Soldering

We offer a vast array of pre-cut kits that include everything you need to form designs and shapes from glass. Find the Copper Foil, Glass Shapes, Solder and more needed to inspire. Make Circles, Ovals, Rectangles. Squares, Trapezoids and beyond. Glass Soldering offers new and innovative ways to create from glass. Make unique and personalized accents for you jewelry pieces.