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Enameling Fork Enameling Fork
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Make firing simple with all the tools, equipment, parts and accessories you need to fire your jewelry creations. Our complete section includes a huge assortment of Firing & Soldering Torches for quick and easy usage. If you are looking for materials for any type of firing, you came to the right place. We offer firing accessories and supplies to fit many needs including kilns, containers, carbons, and firing media.

Firing Accessories

Discover everything you need for successful metal clay and traditional jewelry firing. We carry a great selection of Accessories and kits to make all types of jewelry, fire or fuse glass, enamel, beads and much more. Choose from our Firing Media including Vermiculite, Alumina Hydrate, Accent Silver Carbon Firing Media and more. Get your Bead Firing Rods, Enameling Forks, Fiber Blankets, Firing Tongs, No-Flake Firing Foil, Firing Dish, Ceramic Firing Paper and more right here. We offer specialized firing tools for all clays including Firing Kits, Pans, Coconut Carbon, Coal Carbon, Magic Carbon and more for your desired finish. Our Bronze/Copper Firing Kits include the pan and carbon you will need for just the right look.

Firing & Soldering Torches

We offer a vast array of Firing & Soldering Torches and Kits to fire your metal clay jewelry pieces. Shop through our selection of torches including refillable torches including Micro-Torch, Spitfire and the Big Shot Industrial Torch. You also have the option to pick the Torch Firing Kit that fits your needs. Choose from our tripod kit or small torch kits. Everything you need to begin firing projects in one easy option.