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Finishing & Polishing

Get a great finish with Finishing & Polishing tools and supplies. We offer everything you need to put a shine on your jewelry and metal clay projects. Whether you want a matte, antique oxidized finish or a wet shine, we’ll get you going in the right direction with tools and supplies to make the job easier and more profitable for you. We also offer online videos that show exactly how to achieve the finish you want on your jewelry and art projects.

Burnishing Tools

Finish off your jewelry the right way with our selection of Burnishing Tools. Shop through Curved, Ball and Agate Burnishing Tools. Find Tube Brushes, Tumblers, Brass Brushes and more. Whatever the look you desire, Cool Tools has the Burnisher to fit your style.

Bristle Discs & Points

Discover what high quality Bristle Discs & Points can do for you and your jewelry making projects. We have an excellent selection of Superflex Polishers, Silicone Polishers, Bristle Discs and Fiber Wheels.

Flexible Shaft Machines

Flexible Shaft Machines are just what you need to polish and finish all types of metal clay projects. Take a look through all of our rotary finishing products such as our Flexible Shaft Hangers, Shaft Kits and Parts to help you get the desired look out of your jewelry pieces. Flexible Shaft Machines are versatile and easy to use.

Miniature Mandrels

Provided is an exceptional selection of Miniature Mandrels for your jewelry making needs; ranging among various styles from Split, Screw, Tapered and many others. These Miniature Mandrels are perfect for adding on stones, brushes and wheels.


Finish your metal clay jewelry professionally and at affordable prices with high quality Patina tools and supplies. Patinas are a great way to customize your creations with an antique finish. Choose from a great selection of Patinas available in 2 ounce, 4 ounce, and 1.25 ounce bottles. Find Patina accessories from Liver of Sulfur Gels to our Brushes & Plastic Tweezers.

Polishing Kits

Get started polishing your personalized metal clay projects with the right Polishing Kit. Our Polishing Kits are customizable with your choice of Polishing Papers, Polishing pads, Liver of Sulfur and more. Our Polishing Papers range from 400 grit to 8000 grit. Polish your metal clay jewelry to perfection with all the right tools.

Polishing Papers & Sanders

We offer a variety of Polishing Papers & Sanders to choose from including several Sanding Pads, Polishing Pads, Sanding Sticks and Sanding Swabs. Get in all the hard to reach places and make your metal clay jewelry shine.

Polishing Cloths & Cleaning

Make your jewelry shine with high quality Polishing Cloths & Cleaning products. We have Cloths treated with tarnish inhibitor to keep your jewelry sparkling and shining longer. Pick from several Polishing Cloths, Speedbrite Ionic Cleaner, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Ionic Solution and more.


Our selections of Tumblers are both durable and dependable. Burnish and work harden your metal clay pieces fast and efficient with our Tumblers. Choose from our selection of Lortone Rotary Tumblers as well as Dual Barrel Tumblers. These Tumblers provide quality construction, fast tumbling action, and a great finished look to your metal clay creations. Be more productive while your Tumbler finishes your projects!