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Faux Bone™ Cuff

by Artist and Instructor Robert Dancik

Robert Dancik, artist, inventor and instructor, holds a Masters degree in sculpture from Northern Illinois University, and a BA in fine art from Adelphi University. He has been an artist/teacher for more than 30 years and is presently an adjunct professor of education at Pace University. Robert has taught people from kindergarten to graduate school while exhibiting his jewelry and sculpture in museums and galleries across the US and in Europe, Japan, and Australia.

In this video, Robert creates a cuff using Faux Bone, a product he founded himself. Robert demonstrates how to cut, shape, form, and embellish this non-toxic material. The ability of Faux Bone to take on a variety of finishes, as well as its incredible strength, light weight, extraordinary impact resistance and low cost make it a natural for artists and craftspeople in all disciplines. Faux Bone can have the flexibility of wire, the functionality of metal and showcase beautiful color like beads…the best of all worlds in one material. When heated, it can be tangled and twisted, knotted and even crocheted. When solid, it has the properties of metal in that it is nearly unbreakable and can be drilled into, sawed, and easily connected with nuts and bolts and rivets and screws.

The tools and supplies used in this video are listed below.

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