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FS999™ Fine Silver Paste - 15 gram - New Improved Formula!
FS999™ Fine Silver Paste - 15 gram

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Made in the U.S.A.

FS999 is a great, all purpose metal clay with excellent working properties. Invented by Bill Struve from Metal Adventures, the inventor of BRONZclay™, COPPRclay™ and EZ960® Sterling Silver Clay.

Ready to use directly from the package, the first thing you will notice is its smooth, creamy consistency. The clay accepts and telegraphs the smallest of details in textures very well. It is easy to roll and form, and is surprisingly non-sticky. It also has a high moisture content, making it easy to work with in its wet form. For best long term storage and to maintain hydration and workability, store unused FS999 in a clay hydrator charged with distilled water.

Teachers: This product is available at additional discount levels. Please contact customer service for more information. 888.478.5060 International 323.386.2323.

Click here to view or download the FS999 Fine Silver Clay Overview & Firing Guide.

Want more on FS999 and its firing properties including firing with gemstones?
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Fire open shelf on a raised ceramic kiln shelf at 1650°F / 900°C - 2 hours, full ramp. No carbon required.
Shrinkage: 13%

Price: $35.00
Made in USA
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FS999 Fine Silver Paste - 15 gram

FS999 Fine Silver in slip/paste form ready to use - no need to thin lump clay to a thinner consistency. Ideal for adding details and findings to your designs, making repairs, adding parts and pieces in the wet stage, greenware and post firing. Also use to paint on leaves, sticks and botanicals to create and re-create natural designs. Embed findings and CZs with FS999 paste.Click here to view or download the FS999 Sterling Overview & Firing Guide.

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