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FS999™ Fine Silver Clay

FS999 Fine Silver Metal Clay comes right out of the package ready to form, fire and finish with excellent working properties. Invented by Bill Struve from Metal Adventures, the inventor of BRONZclay™, COPPRclay™ and EZ960® Sterling Silver Clay. The first thing you will notice is its smooth, creamy consistency. The clay accepts and telegraphs the smallest of details in textures very well. It is easy to roll and form, and is surprisingly non-sticky. It also has a high moisture content, making it easy to work with in its wet form. For best long term storage and to maintain hydration and workability, store unused FS999 in a clay hydrator charged with distilled water. FS999 fires to a beautiful silver finish and is the perfect base for adding enamels.
FS999 Fine Silver Clay Overview & Firing Guide.