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About Esther Schmidt

I was was born in Mexico City and lived there until I was 21 years old. I got married and moved to Brooklyn New York and started a family. I moved to New Jersy and during that time stumbled onto Fimo. I was hooked! I created pieces for more than 25 years. I then went back to college so my designing time halted. After six years, I earned a BA and Masters in Spanish Literature. During that time I took silversmith classes, but found I needed more color. I turned back to my first love, Polymer Clay. I moved to North Vancouver and started working with Polymer Clay full time.

Esther Schmidt's Working Methods

I love creating with Polymer Clay! I use other materials such as wire, fresh water pearls, crystals and other beads. I am always looking for new techniques. More often than not, my pieces have lots of color and movement. Mexican culture is known for its vibrant colors. I think that is what I carry with me from Mexico. Each piece I make is from scratch. I even make the ear wires and clasps. Each of my pieces is a one-of-a-kind.

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