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Metal Clay Tools

Each Metal Clay Tool serves its own unique purpose for assisting in the process of creating jewelry. Our clay sculpting tools are needed for adding small detail, texture and design as well as creating your desired shape and form. Ring tools such as Mandrels help you create a round and smooth finished ring in the desired size you choose. Anti-stick products help keep Clay from sticking to your hands, textures and tools. Keum Boo is a simple technique where thin sheets of gold are fused to silver, which is an inexpensive way to add the luster of 24K gold to silver creations. Molds & forms are great for those looking for a specific look or design and want to achieve it in a more simple process.

Essential Wet Clay Tools

Roll clay easily with an amazing non-stick Cool Roller that will eliminate clutter and perform more functionally than regular playing cards. A Cool Roller is the perfect size and weight, its color coded spacers fit into precision milled grooves to produce slabs in standard card thicknesses.

Cool Slip

Create a smooth clean workable anti-stick surface with Cool Slip. Simply apply a spritz on most any surface to release metal clay easily. It can be sprayed or brushed on.


This all natural hand conditioner was created to make hands and fingers clay-proof. A small dab of ClayMate worked thoroughly into palms and fingers forms a barrier that keeps metal clay from sticking.

Ball Burnishers

A Ball Burnisher or “divit” tool is a very important tool to use while working with metal clay. This simple tool will be one of your most handy and well loved tools in your jewelers tool box. Ball Burnishers are essential for adding design, making settings for small stones, marking for drilling, burnishing and adding freeform textures.

Clay Hydrator

Every metal clay artist has gone back into an old opened package and found their leftover clay too dry to work with. Our Clay Hydrator eliminates this issue and can save you hundreds of dollars in lost clay.

Paint Brushes

When working with wet clay, a good quality paintbrush is a must for smooth application of water or paste. The right brush makes all the difference when working with wet metal clay.

Tissue Blades

Flexible stainless steel blades will last and last if you treat them right. Wipe with Cool Slip to keep metal clay from sticking and after use to keep sharp.


Tweezers are an essential tool when working with wet metal clay. Whether you are setting a stone, holding parts for patina dip or any other jewelry making step, well crafted tweezers are needed.

Ultra Clay Pick

An amazing essential wet clay tool is our Ultra Clay Pick. This product has an extremely fine tip that cuts through clay cleanly and is perfect for working with templates. Using this precision cutting tool will make working with wet clay easier than you thought possible.


Tuff cards can be put in the oven, on a hotplate or in the dehydrator and will support a lot of weight. Tuff Cards were designed by Cool Tools to simplify the process of transferring wet metal clay. Our Clayboard offers a smooth Teflon surface that metal clay won't stick to. The board features non-skid feet so your work is up off the table and the board stays where you put it. The tough Teflon surface can be used for rolling and assembly.