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Bezel Roller

This Hardwood Handled Bezel Roller is a must have for Setting Stones in Metal Clay. Use this great tool to press bezel wire around a cabochon to lock it in place. Made of polished steel, the Bezel Roller makes working with Metal Clay a breeze.

Acrylic Snake Maker

A truly necessary Stone Setting Tool is the Work surface Acrylic Snake Maker! These little work surfaces are very handy! Roll slabs on them, make snakes, use as a press and as project and drying boards. They provide the perfect work surface for setting stones in Metal Clay. Have fun and keep your project neat and organized on an Acrylic Snake Maker.

Curved Burnisher

A Curved Burnisher is very important when setting stones. For hand finishing the curved burnisher is used to smooth and burnish bezels down after setting stones. The end is uses for large areas and the tip of the Curved Burnisher is used to get into tight spots and crevices. This is one tool you'll be reaching for over and over.

Parallel Jaw Pliers

Parallel Jaw Pliers are always great to have at hand when setting stones. Designed to allow the jaws to open and close parallel, providing a vice-like grip on your work that gives the user greater leverage than conventional pliers. Parallel Jaw Pliers are also great for flattening the ends of Bezel Wire. Make sure you have a quality made pair of Parallel Pliers.

Prong Pusher

Another great essential for working on Stone Setting is the Prong Pusher. Use this tool to push prongs and bezels into place on your jewelry creations. Fit with a hardwood handles that Fits comfortably in the palm, the Prong Pusher is a very handy tool to use when working with Metal Clay Jewelery.

Stone Setting Burs

Stone setting is made easy with Stone Setting Burs. Use these burs to cut a seat for faceted stones in bone dry clay. Works like a charm for cutting and working with. Choose the bur that matches the stone size you wish to set. To set stones in fired metal, install bur in a flex shaft and lubricate with Cut Lube and slow speed. Make sure you have Stone Setting Burs next time you are work on Metal Clay.

Stone Setting Pliers

A must have essential for setting stones in Metal Clay are Stone Setting Pliers. These pliers are made to close the prongs on a prong setting. The jaws are at just the right angle so the pliers cannot break the stone as can easily happen with ordinary stone setting tools. Make sure you have the best pair of Stoen Setting Pliers available when working on your jewelry.

Ultra-Smooth Investment

A great essential tool for working with Metal Clay is our Ultra Smooth Investment. For the smoothest, strongest ring sizing pellets, use our Ultra Smooth Investment. This product is easy to mix and pour into the Ring Pellet Molds. Also use as a placeholder for heat-sensitive stones during firing. Start creating more advanced professional pieces of jewelry with tools from Cool Tools.