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A small hand held butane, propane, or jewelers torch is used to heat metal clay fast and easy. Torch firing is much faster and less expensive than kiln firing. Several types of clay can be torch fired and creating jewelry has never been easier. Hand Held Butane Torches are also called a Micro Torch, and can reach and maintain 1110F. Torch firing tends to be very short, between 2 to 5 minutes.
While torch firing, you need something to rest your piece on that is flame resistant. Any type of kiln shelf or soldering board can be used ofr torch firing. Place these on any heat proof surface and you've got a firing station. We offer firing kits that come with to firing surface you'll need including firing triods, ceramic kiln shelfs, and Fibergrip Tweezers used to move and turn pieces while hot.
There are several different types of Kiln Furniture you can use for firing metal clay in a kiln. There are several different kinds of kilns available in our Kilns & Firing Section, all with different purposes. Kiln furniture are tools inside the kiln that allow kiln firing to take place. Kiln posts raises the worksurface kiln shelf so heat can circulate properly around the entire piece. We offer several Kiln selves in difference styles and sizes based on the size or you project or kiln. Fiber Blankets are used when firing hollow pieces and are used to cradle them structure while firing.Firing Dishes are used to melt metals and offer a container to put firing media in and contain your project.
Firing containers are needed when firing metal clay pieces in Carbon in a kiln. Any copper-bearing metal clays need carbon when firing. A traditional Firing Pan is heavy guage stainless steel that can take the heat. The only draw back to these traditional firing containers is they make a mess in your kiln after a black soot forms on the container. Our No Flake Firing Foil is a special type of metal that does not form and black flakes and saves your kiln.
Carbon is used to protect metal clay while firing and is able to absorb oxygen since copper oxidizes very quickly. Activated Carbon protects the metal clay from oxidation and is available in several kinds specific for certain metal clay. Our Magic Carbon is a special type of Carbon that adds a unque patina to the metal once fired.