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The Brass Brush is a great essential tool for working with finished metal clay jewelry. A brush with extra long bristles will make it easier to get into crevices. You can also use a brush to burnish down the upright crystaline silver particles that make the silver appear white. The Brass Brush will help complete the first step in the finishing process for metal clay.
The "divot tool or Ball Burnisher is a very useful tool when finishing your metal clay creations. This simple tool will be one of your most handy and well loved tools in your jewelers tool box. Ball Burnishers are essential for adding design, making settings for small stones, marking for drilling, burnishing and adding free-form textures. Make sure you aren't with a divot tool when working with your metal clay.
When you oxidize your finished piece of metal clay jewelry make sure you have Liver of Sulfur at hand. You can create beautiful rainbow patinas and oxidized finishes on fine silver, sterling silver, bronze, copper, and copper alloys by brushing or dipping articles in a solution of our Liver of Sulfur finishing application.
Similar to Liver of Sulfur, Cool Tools Patina Gel is a stabalized form of Liver of Sulfur and an essential finishing tool when working with metal clay. Cool Tools Patina Gel does not degrade in light or air. Patina Gel has a unique formula that allows it to stay fresh for years saving you time and money. The Patina Gel allows you to brush on the solution to get the oxidized or rainbow patina you desire on all types of metal clay. Cool Tools Patina Gel is a must have when finishing your metal clay projects.
Ensure that your finished metal clay jewelry is stunning and shining with an always essential Polishing Cloth. Our Polishing Cloths are treated with a tarnish inhibitor to keep your jewelry sparkling and shining longer than ever. You can use it on brass, chrome, copper, silver and gold. Get your Polishing Cloth for your finished jewelry.
A Scratch Brush is a must have for finishing your metal clay jewelry. For scratch brushing harder metals such as brass and bronze, our Scratch Brush is perfect. Our pen-style Scratch Brush has retractable bristles to give you a range of firmness. Get into those impossible to reach places on your finished metal clay jewelry for a real Scratch Brush finish.
The easiest way to add a shine to your finished metal clay jewelry is with a Tumbler & Stainless Steel Shot. While in the tumbler, pieces are work hardened, which is a good thing for metal clay. Add Stainless Steel Shot to your Tumbler along with your metal clay items and called for ingredients. In an hour or two your pieces will be sparkling and shiny!
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