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Essential Dry Clay Tools

Needle File

Work on your Dry Metal Clay jewelry with a good quality needle file. Cool Tools offers diamond coated files in fine grit for sanding and shaping fired metal clay. This very fine double-cut European steel file set features Swiss-pattern cut and gently knurled handle for a no-slip grip. Refining dry clay and filing metals is easier with the right tools.

File Cleaner

A File Cleaner is essential when using metal files. Think of the File Cleaner as a toothbrush for your Files. When you file metal, you create filings that build up and clog a files teeth. If you don't clean the teeth with a steel bristled brush they will eventually stop cutting and become ineffective.

Drill Bits

Drill Bits are very important when creating jewelry. Drill holes in dry metal clay, fired metal clay and various other substances such as wood, plastics and more. Cool Tools offers both Twist drills and Diamond coated drills. Diamond drills are best for drilling through hard materials such as bronze, brass, steel, and fragile materials such as glass and ceramic. Twist drills are the choice for long life.

Paint Brushes

Paint Brushes are always a great tool to have at hand when working with Dry metal clay, moist clays and may other metal clay projects. Cool Tools offers quality brushes made with excellent textured fine bristles for smooth application of water, patina and gold paints.

Rubber Bench Block

The Rubber Bench Block is an essential tool when working with Dry Clay. Rubber Bench Blocks provide a sturdy firm surface with a little give to absorb shock. A Rubber Bench block is just what you need to form and work easily with Dry Metal Clay.


Refining dry metal clay is made easy with a quality made Mandrel. Cool Tools offers wood and metal mandrels for your jewelry making needs. Place your ring on a hardwood mandrel for easy polishing operations without damage to the metal. Creating rings and various pieces of jewelry is easy and fun with a good quality mandrel.

Ultra Smooth Investment

A great essential tool for working with Metal Clay is our Ultra Smooth Investment. For the smoothest, strongest ring sizing pellets, use our Ultra Smooth Investment. This product is easy to mix and pour into the Ring Pellet Molds. Also use as a placeholder for heat-sensitive stones during firing.


Whether you are setting a stone, holding parts for patina dip or any other jewelry making step, well crafted tweezers are needed. Cool Tools offers a variety of tweezers from small to large sizes to easily hold all your gems, glass and other pieces. Ensure that you have a strong secure hold and great mobility with quality crafted jewelry tweezers for dry metal clay.

Ultra Clay Pick

An amazing essential tool for working with wet or Dry Clay is the Ultra Clay Pick. Fixed with an extremely fine tip that cuts through clay like a laser, the Ultra Clay Pick is perfect for working with templates. The Ultra Clay Pick is the best tool to use for cutting out clay shapes. Using this precision cutting tool will make working with Dry Clay easier than you thought possible.

Tissue Blades

Flexible stainless steel blades will last and last if you treat them right. Tissue blades are used to cut strips and smooth arcs from wet clay slabs. They can be used to saw freshly dried clay ropes and tubes. Wipe with CoolSlip to keep metal clay from sticking and after use to keep sharp.

Carving Tools

Carving Tools are miniature carving tools that are used to carve and design directly into dry metal clay, create textures directly in cured polymer clay, and carve custom textures in artists erasers or silicone sheets. Carving tools can help you add a little something extra to your metal clay designs.