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Embellish Ceramic Porcelain Boxes with Fine Silver Clay

by Jennifer Dins

In this video, you'll learn how to embellish ceramic boxes using fine silver clay and overlay paste. Turn a plain ceramic box into something special and personal!

Jennifer uses both Art Clay Silver Overlay Paste and Art Clay Silver Clay for this project. Art Clay Silver Overlay Paste is formulated for use on glass, glazed ceramics and porcelain. Art Clay Silver can be fired using a torch or a kiln.

Jennifer Dins has been making metal clay jewelry since 2009, after a potentially terminal cancer diagnosis in 2006 permanently sidelined her from a 25-year management career, she retired in 2009 and to follow her creative heart and to explore this new medium. Working this clay is easy on her sore hands and joints and allows her to feel a sense of accomplishment every time a piece is complete. The uniqueness of this material allows her to add personalized fingerprints, paw prints and even handwriting directly into the silver. She now believes it is her calling to help people manage a particularly difficult time through the creation of meaningful sterling silver heirloom pieces.

To kiln fire:
Place the fully dried piece in a cold kiln to avoid thermal shock which can crack your ceramic pieces. Depending on the size of the ceramics, slow down the ramp speed. You can use any of the four firing temperatures and hold times listed below. Choose the appropriate firing temperature and hold time depending on the material you are combining the paste with.

To torch fire:
Please only fire with a torch if the material you have combined with the Overlay Paste allows you to do so.

The tools and supplies used in this video are listed below.

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