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Silver Embeddable Eyelet
Embeddable Eyelet Silver


Made with an exclusive silver alloy, this bail is designed for use with unfired PMC® or other silver metal clays; simply position the eyelet in dry or wet clay as desired, then fire as usual. After firing, your silver clay will sinter fully with the surface, and the finding itself can be legally marked as 'Sterling.'

This finding can also be used with polymer clay and glass fusing techniques. Set the flat tab of the eyelet between the sheets of glass before firing. The tab keeps the eyelet properly positioned.

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Item# Item Name Price Qty Add
FND-601 Silver Embeddable Eyelet - 1.6mm Pkg - 20
FND-602 Silver Embeddable Eyelet - 2mm Pkg - 10
FND-603 Silver Embeddable Eyelet - 2.5mm Pkg - 10
FND-604 Silver Embeddable Eyelet - 3mm Pkg - 10
FND-605 Silver Embeddable Eyelet - 3.5mm Pkg - 5
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Silver Embeddable Eyelet

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