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Economy Bench Shear
Economy Bench Shear

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Price: $139.95
Product Dimensions: 33" height

Made in India
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Accurately cut thick metals up to 10 gauge with our economy bench shear. Our economy bench shear is a great tool for quickly and accurately cutting through thicker metals. The 6Ē cutting blades allow for making cuts up to 4 1/2" and are made from high temper carbon steel and can cut metals up to 10 gauge. This style of long handle bench shear works great for quickly cutting smaller pieces of thick material, and itís very affordable.

The bench shear also works great for making perfectly square and exact cuts. This can help while making smaller or larger pieces of jewelry. The extra-long 24" handle helps for cutting thicker metals because it provides you all the leverage you need. The adjustable support rod can assist in holding larger sheets in position during cuts, allowing you get that perfectly straight cut. When making longer cuts, itís nice to have that additional support for holding your piece.

You can cut metal in a fraction of the time, and the results are always beautiful. Additionally, this tool is relatively small, so it fits on almost any jewelry bench. If youíre cutting patterned wire, the shear makes quick work of this. The wider gallery wire is easy to cut, and you always get that nice square edge. Another great feature of this shear is that it cuts metal rod up to 3/8Ē. The hole on the side of the shear is specifically designed for cutting round metal stock. Insert the stock in the shear and pull the handle down. Just like the flat stock, the metal rod gets cut to length, and it doesnít bend or warp the piece.

You have the option to bolt your shear to any spot on your bench. Four holes in the base allow you to permanently mount the shear for stability, but it also works fine un-mounted. Overall height is 33".