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EZ960® Sterling Flowing Earrings

created by Artist and Instructor Lisel Crowley

Lisel Crowley, Metal Clay Artist and Instructor from Connecticut visited Cool Tools to create this "How to" video. Create these unique earrings using EZ960 Sterling. These are easy to make and take a very small amount of clay.
EZ960 is the first sterling silver metal clay that comes right out of the package ready to form, fire and finish with no two part mixing and no carbon required. Invented by Bill Struve from Metal Adventures, the inventor of BRONZclay™ and COPPRclay™.

The products used in this video are listed below.

Fire open shelf on a raised hard ceramic kiln shelf at 1675°F / 913°C - 2 hours, full ramp. No carbon required.
Shrinkage: 10-11%

Click here to view or download the EZ960 Sterling Overview & Firing Guide.

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