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E3 Etch Kit by Sherri Haab
E3 Etch Kit by Sherri Haab

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Price: $195.00
Product Dimensions: 3-1/2" x 7-1/4" x 7-1/4"
Made in USA
Creative Reward Points you'll earn: 195

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Create etched designs on copper to use directly in your work or use as texture plates for all types of clay.

The E3 Etch kit by Sherri Haab contains everything you need to get started etching on copper! Etching on copper is safe and easy with this terrific kit. E3 Etch is a patent pending electronic device created especially for the craftsperson or jewelry designer. Designs are simply ironed onto the copper using a black toner copy or draw freehand using a resist pen. The copper is etched using an electronic controller in conjunction with a solution that is safe and easy to dispose of. The end result is a crisp neat design in just a few hours.

The kit includes a copper blank ready to use for a finished piece of jewelry and a square of copper to etch a texture plate for clay or for other use. Safe to use - no fumes or hazardous chemicals! Safe to ship and dispose of.

Environmentally friendly

  • The copper that is etched away in the process deposits itself onto the stainless steel pan, not added as ionic copper to the solution. This is unlike Ferric Chloride or acid-based etchants that become saturated with ionic copper after time rendering the solution hazardous to the environment.


  • The copper sulfate electrolyte can be used over and over again. No need to replenish etching solutions. No hazardous disposal fees or purchasing of fresh solution as with Ferric Chloride or other acid-based etching solutions.

Predictable etching

  • Patent pending micro-controller allows produces crisp etchings without user intervention.

Fast and slow settings

  • Two settings to accommodate your project.

Kit comes complete with:

  • E3 Etching electronic controller with power supply
  • Stainless steel pan
  • 4 foam spacers to suspend the copper in the pan
  • Copper sulfat
  • Printed toner images - ready to use
  • Copper square and copper jewelry blank
  • 2 wire electrodes
  • Written instructions

View E3 Etch Instructions