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Dormer Twist Drills
Dormer Twist Drills


Made of the highest grade tempered tool steel and precision milled, these twist drills are the choice for long life. Choose these drills for metal drilling operations. Lubrication is a must for any drilling operation, so be sure to order Cut Lube to keep your bits in good health. Use in a pin vice to drill leather-hard or bone dry metal clay by hand.

Dormer Twist Drills

Item# Item Name Price: Qty
DRL-106 Dormer Twist Drill - .5mm - Pkg 1
DRL-111 Dormer Twist Drill - .5mm Pkg/10
DRL-101 Dormer Twist Drill - 1mm
DRL-112 Dormer Twist Drill - 1mm Pkg/10
DRL-102 Dormer Twist Drill - 1.5mm - Pkg 1
DRL-113 Dormer Twist Drill - 1.5mm Pkg/10
DRL-103 Dormer Twist Drill - 2mm - Pkg 1
DRL-104 Dormer Twist Drill - 2.5mm - Pkg 1
DRL-105 Dormer Twist Drill - 3mm - Pkg 1
DRL-105.5 Dormer Twist Drill - Set/5
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