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These stone did not meet our quality standards and therefore are being sold at discount. Please see the details below each product for specific defects.
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Spiderweb Jasper Gemstone - Defective Stone - Oval Pendant 31mm x 50mm

Discounted Due to Defect - Spiderweb Jasper Gemstone

This stone did not meet our quality standards. Please see photos for clarification. The defects in this stone are as follows:

* Pre-drilled holes are not symmetrical
* One hole is chipped due to incorrect drilling

Please contact us for more details of the defects if you have questions or require more specifics.

Spiderweb jasper, also known as banded, ribbon or picasso jasper is a criss-cross or woven type of pattern overlaying a solid colour background. spiderweb jaspers can occur in colors of green, red, black, cream and brown. Some spider web patterns are small and delicate while others are large and flashy these ones are also called picasso stones It is said that Spiderweb Jasper is a stone that can help connect to Mother Earth and the infinite energy and love that exists within the universe.