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PMC Bronze Clay Silver Clay

PMC or Precious Metal Clay is a very versatile material for creating jewelry, itís not only great for intricate detail, but it is easy to work with and can be fired with a hand held torch or in a small desktop jewelry kiln. Always available at affordable prices. Create gorgeous works of art with quality Precious Metal Clay.

Using Bronze Clay is fun and simple. Available from Art Clay and PMC, Bronze Clay is easy to work with and has great versatility. Make a beautifully bronzed piece of jewelry, shaped and crafted completely by you.

Silver Clay can be pinched, rolled, sculpted, and manipulated to create whatever you can imagine. Find the best pricing and overall Metal Clay quality here at Cool Tools. Silver Clay always creates stunning pieces of jewelry. We provide a complete line of Silver Clay products for metal clay artist and crafters.

Copper Clay Gold Clay Art Clay

Create amazing metal clay jewelry and works of art with easy to use Copper Clay. We offer the best in Copper Clay products to choose from. Check out COPPRclay, COPPRclay Firing Media, COPPRclay Firing Pans & Kits, COPPRclay Tools and more. Copper Clay creates amazing quality jewelry for a multitude of projects.

We offer several types of Gold Clay products like 22K Gold Aura 22, 22K Gold Clay, Accent Gold for Silver, Art Clay ACS Gold Paste, and Gold Foil Sheet for Keum Boo. Working with Gold Clay is easy and every finished product turns out just the way you imagined. Create beautiful works of art with rich Gold Metal Clay.

Art Clay offers the metal clay and jewelry artist a less expensive option for creating in silver. Choose from a wide variety of Art Clay products like ACS Slow Dry, ACS Low Fire, ACS Standard, ACS Copper, ACS Gold, and much more. Cool Tools offers only the best selection of Art Clay for your nest project

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