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Design Stamp - "Sis" 6mm
Design Stamp - "Sis" Design 6mm

Pkg of 1: $9.00
New Price: $7.00
Product Dimensions: 3/8" x 2-1/2" Face: 6mm
Made in China
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Design Stamp - "Sis" 6mm

Use to stamp the image into brass, copper, bronze, silver or clay. All of our design stamps (punches) are made from heat-treated tool grade steel. To work successfully with design stamps and punches, place the metal you want to stamp on a hardened steel bench block. The bench block must be on a firm flat surface. Do not use a sand bag or any other padding below. The bench block needs to rest directly on a flat hard surface. Hold the punch perfectly straight. Use a 16 oz utility hammer to hit the end of the stamp. Ideally the impression should be made with one blow. Practice with copper until you can get a good impression with one blow.

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