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About Dale Wayne

I love the transforming power of play. I give my materials breathing room to surprise me so that my finished pieces have a life and opinion of their own. What appears to be a faceted stone is in reality layered Italian glass. A transparent glass-like petal is really made of recycled plastic happily juxtaposed with silver and semi-precious stones. In both my florals and my jewelry I embrace movement: charms jump through hoops of glass; flower petals uncoil in a playful dance in mid-air. Ultimately, my work is about the tension between struggle and beauty, the hope on that horizon. It is that joy I wish to pass on to you.

Dale Wayne Methods

I am an art teacher and enjoy the way my art informs my teaching and my teaching informs my art. I often bring work in process so that my students can see my pieces develop. My Kindergarten students especially like my use of old Barbie doll shoes in some of my necklaces. They always note the jewelry I am wearing looking for Cinderella's slipper. Many of my fellow teachers and parents of my students wear my jewelry. It is gratifying to see my work so celebrated and my younger students think I am famous : )

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