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Cup Bur - Wire Rounding - 0.8mm
Cup Bur - Wire Rounding - 0.8mm

Price: $3.10
Product Dimensions: 0.8mm
Made in Germany
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Cup Bur - Wire Rounding - 0.8mm

Before forming wire, take a moment to round the end using a cup bur. This is especially important on the end of an ear wire to clean up the ragged cut end. Use in a swivel pin vice or in a rotary hand tool. Also, use on balled wire rivets to clean up the head. Use Cut Lube on the bur to keep it cool. To use by hand, insert the bur in a pin vice, place the cup over the wire end and twist in a clockwise direction several turns. Inspect the end of the wire using magnification. If the wire is not cleanly rounded, give a few more twists.