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Cubic Zirconia - Lavender - Round
Cubic Zirconia - Lavender - Round


Ring created by Alexander Kraft from METALCLAYSTUDIO in Moscow, Russia using Cool Tools Cubic Zirconia and EZ960® Sterling Silver Clay. Stones include: Champagne Barrel Checkerboard, Amethyst Cushion Checkerboard and White Diamond Cushion Checkerboard.

Rated AAA, our lab created cubic zirconias are as beautiful as natural diamonds. Our high quality, calibrated CZs are precision cut and perfect for any setting, or to embed directly into metal clay.

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, get the sparkle and shine of diamonds with these beautiful, affordable stones.

Click here for our Gemstone Firing Guide, a comprehensive list of gemstones, firing times and the temperatures each can withstand.

Cubic Zirconia – Lavender

Stable at all metal clay temperatures. Hardness: Cubic zirconia has a rating of approximately 8.5 on Mohs hardness scale vs. a rating of 10 for diamond.

Item# Item Name Price Qty
CZF-404.5 CZ - Lavender - Round 1mm - Pkg/20
CZF-420.5 CZ - Lavender - Round 1.5mm - Pkg/20
CZF-400 CZ - Lavender - Round 2mm - Pkg/10
CZF-401 CZ - Lavender - Round 3mm - Pkg/10
CZF-402 CZ - Lavender - Round 4mm - Pkg/4
CZF-403 CZ - Lavender - Round 5mm - Pkg/4
CZF-404 CZ - Lavender - Round 6mm - Pkg/2
CZF-420 CZ - Lavender - Round 8mm - Pkg/1
CZF-400.5 CZ - Lavender - Round 10mm - Pkg/1
CZF-401.5 CZ - Lavender - Round 12mm - Pkg/1
CZF-402.5 CZ - Lavender - Round 14mm - Pkg/1
CZF-403.5 CZ - Lavender - Round 16mm - Pkg/1
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