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Creating with Metal Clay

You'll have a fun time creating with easy to use Metal Clay. Whether you are using PMC or Art Clay, your jewelry making experience will be a breeze. Using Precious Metal Clay to create jewelry is great for intricate detail, fine texture and making very unique shapes. Metal Art Clay is also simple and a joy to create with and can be fired quickly with a torch.

Working with Metal Clay is fun and holds many advantages to traditional methods of creating jewelry. You will create pieces of pieces of jewelry that would be next to impossible with other jewelry making techniques. Precious Metal Clay allows you to create delicate and intricate pieces of jewelry. It can be easily modeled and fired, even with a hand-held torch. Metal Art Clay is amazing to create with as well. Art Clay is great when less shrinkage is desired. Art Clay is also easy to use because it can be fired with a butane torch in only 2 minutes. Art Clay is also a "green" product, created using only recycled metals. All types of Metal Clay can be easily polished, soldered and enameled. Start creating your very own pieces of jewelry with innovative Metal Clay from Cool Tools.

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