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Copper Rod
Copper Rod

Copper Rod is an exciting material for creating a variety of jewelry pieces. Rod is available in a variety of lengths and low gauges. It can be cut, formed, soldered, textured, polished and patinaed in several ways, to open up a world of possibilities while creating. Rod can be used to make perfect ring shanks, and stunning bracelets. The rod can be formed easily on a steel mandrel with a raw-hide mallet, or with ring-forming pliers.

Larger bracelets take a bit more solder. The best way to solder your bracelet is on a piece of fiber board. Cut a piece of solder about the width of your bracelet. Place your solder on the board, and set the joint of your bracelet directly over it. Using hard solder is recommended if youíre going to be doing a lot of forming or texturing with your piece. This will provide a little added strength to make sure you donít break the seam. With your torch, pull the solder up into the joint for a perfect connection.

You can add any texture you wish in a variety of ways. Hammering on a steel mandrel is a simple way to add some detail. Adding some texture puts your own unique touch on the ring or bracelet.

Watch our video below and get to know the possibilities with our brass and copper rod.

Item# Item Name Price Qty
ROD-103 Copper Rod 10 Gauge - 8 Inches
ROD-033 Copper Rod 3 Gauge - 8 Inches
ROD-023 Copper Rod 2 Gauge - 8 Inches
ROD-001 Copper Rod 0 Gauge - 6 inches
ROD-003 Copper Rod 0 Gauge - 8 inches
ROD-005 Copper Rod 0 Gauge - 10 inches
ROD-007 Copper Rod 0 Gauge - 1 Foot
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